100% Referral Program Be a partner of COINEGG with 5000 ET holdings, get 100% commission

Register and generate referral link (QR-code, poster)

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Partners Sum
- People
Invitees Sum
- People
Commissions Sum

Activity Rules

1、The inviters will get commissions according to the trading fees taken place by invitees.

2、The commission will be credited into your account in BTC/ETH/USDT (Depending on the market where the trading takes place). ET holdings < 100000, get 30% commission, ET holdings ≥ 100000, get 50% commission

3、The commissions will be calculated daily and be credited into account the next day. The commissions = the trading fee taken place by invitee * 40%/100%

4、The inviters will start get commissions for 180 days from the registration date of the invitees. After 180 days, the inviters will not get commissions any more.

5、Invitees can sign up through inviters' referral link, referral ID or referral poster.

6、COINEGG will strictly check duplicate or fake accounts and will not pay commissions once discovered.

7、The activity rules may be adjusted in the future, please always refer to the latest rules. COINEGG reserves the final interpretation of this activity.

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