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API Introduction

Dear CoinEgg supporters, welcome to use CoinEgg API! You can access all market data, trade and manage your account via API. All definitions given in the CoinEgg API document, including but not limited to interfaces, parameters, responses, etc., are considered officially provided by CoinEgg. CoinEgg does not undertake to provide any support for all content not given in this document.

CoinEgg API Document


Common Rest Interface:


Error code table:


API Interface DEMO

Java DEMO:https://github.com/coinegg/api-docs/blob/master/demo/java/Main.java

C# DEMO:https://github.com/coinegg/api-docs/tree/master/demo/c%23

JS DEMO:https://github.com/coinegg/api-docs/tree/master/demo/js

GO DEMO:https://github.com/coinegg/api-docs/tree/master/demo/go

PHP DEMO:https://github.com/coinegg/api-docs/tree/master/demo/php

Python DEMO:https://github.com/coinegg/api-docs/tree/master/demo/python

If you have trouble when using API, please join our offical Telegram group, we will try our best to assist you.

CoinEgg API Official Group:818948926

CoinEgg API Telegram Group:CoinEgg API Group